The final day……

THAT’S A WRAP!!!! Mirror Images has wrapped filming on Matt’s Chance. We would like to thank everyone who was apart of this process. There were days of frustration, perseverance, sleep deprivation, joy, elation………it all came together to create an outstanding film. A special thank you to the entire cast and crew, their dedication made this project happen. We wrapped at Dante’s bar today, and we could have all had a very literal “martini shot.” Roy Lewis decided to come today and be an extra for us in the bar, so keep an eye out for him when you see the movie. We expect the movie to be out later this year. Bring all your friends to see Matt’s Chance. Can’t wait to see the finished product!!!

Day 14!! One day left!

It was another long day, but a great one! Margot Kidder was on set today………..and what a great lady she is. Extremely sweet and talented. And smokin’ hot in her blue feathers and fish net tights! She was a trooper, along with Eddie, filming some long takes. Some crew members were even tearing up from the scenes she was in. Unfortunately, it was her only day on set, but we enjoyed every minute of it. Tomorrow is our last day. Tensions are high, but we are also very excited to have completed the film, and also sad to be saying goodbye. Til tomorrow!

Day Thirteen!!

Today we shot in a hardware store and also in Matt’s home. The REAL Matt, whom the story was based off of, was on set today. Eddie is playing his part well, he acts very similar to the real Matt. The latter half of the day had a closed set…you know what that means…ahhhem. The crew got lots of coverage today and worked very quickly. Everyone seems to have a real grip on things and is very used to working together. Shots were coming together very quickly. Boom, boom, boom and done. Tomorrow Margot Kidder will grace us with her presents on set. Things are happening so quickly…I can’t believe we have almost shot the entire movie!

Day 12

The climax of the film was shot today………Very, very exciting. Breaking windows, SWAT, prop guns, what more could you want in one day? Lots of bloody clothes, ear plugs, sweating, yelling, craziness!! It was a long day…….almost 20 hours! But the actors gave amazing performances, especially from Brandy Kopp, Eddie, and Bill Sorice. Tensions were high………..but towards the end, much of the cast and crew were delirious with laughter. Sleep is needed. :-)

Day 11 on Matt’s Chance

Brandy Kopp is on set! Today Brandy and Eddie will be acting in their first scene together……….and they get to fall into a lake! (Brrrrr). Brandy and Eddie work great together and we made sure they were warm after falling into cold water. The weather in Seattle at the end of March isn’t that warm. We faced a few other challenges with the actors being in the water…it was a bit difficult getting good sound with them being away from shore. None the less, our sound department was up for the challenge. Love watching the cast and crew overcome obstacles and work together. More still to come!

Day 7, 8, 9

The past few days we have been taking over iMusic in downtown Seattle. We are very lucky to have had Marshawn Lynch on set…what a guy. When he wasn’t playing his part, he was making the cast and crew crack up. He definitely has a future after football. The set has been bustling with new faces from news crews! We have had some coverage on and King 5. Be sure to tune in and check it out, to see what’s going on, on set. We also covered a few elaborate fight scenes that our stunt coordinator Mark very gracefully planned out. The actors did 31 takes for one fight scene…it could have been a workout tape! Time to get your exercise on!

Day Six!! Gary Busey day!!

We have rolled into day six on Matt’s Chance. Gary Busey was on set today. He definitely made things interesting. We needed to change our shooting schedule around to accommodate Gary and his creative thinking moments. He had great energy on his only day on set. He played a small role of a character that interacts with Gabor and Matt in a crucial scene. Things keep coming together nicely. Tomorrow the cast and crew take the day off to relax and we start up again on Tuesday. Tuesday we shoot in the heart of Seattle. We’re so excited to see this wonderful place on film!!

Day 5 on Matt’s Chance

Today’s shoot consisted of a car scene with Matt’s character and a character introduced yesterday named Gabor. Gabor adds a new dynamic to Matt’s life and plays a major role in influencing Matt to try new things. We filmed outside all day today, some of us even got a little sunburnt! It was a shorter day though. The cast and crew have all been working very hard. It was nice to have a bit more of a relaxed day, although everyone did get a little crazy when Gary Busey made a surprise visit to set!

After today we will have finished 1/3 of the film. Things are going by fast and coming together nicely!!! The crew is excited for lots more action to come.

Day 4 on Matt’s Chance

Hop, hop, hop into action! Today Eddie Furlong was hanging out in a bunny suit and had the entire crew at Matt’s Chance hysterically laughing with his improvisation. He has been a pleasure to work with on set and maintains professionalism while still having a good time. The acting on set has been amazing to be able to watch. The set had kids, candy and organized chaos. It was a long day for everyone, but we still had a great time. Eddie and the rest of the cast and crew remained focused to the very end of a long day that ended with pizza and one last dolly shot…

Day Three of Matt’s Chance

Amen, Amen, Amen!!! Today Matt’s Chance filmed in a church at Bastyr University. Our gaffer Ryan and key grip Art were hard at work creating breathtaking lighting for the scenes we shot today with Edward Furlong and local actor /comedian Edi Zanidache as pastor Daddy David. We were able to capture the aura of the scene with the help of the crew and great acting. It was a long day for everyone on set. The scene alone could have made a beautiful little short, that I would watch over and over. I even talked to our editor Jacob, who had started to put together ruff cut’s of scenes we had already shot. He likes where the movie is going, and was happy to see the footage in real life after having read the script so many times.  Tomorrow has more surprises in store…… like a piñata…