Day Six!! Gary Busey day!!

We have rolled into day six on Matt’s Chance. Gary Busey was on set today. He definitely made things interesting. We needed to change our shooting schedule around to accommodate Gary and his creative thinking moments. He had great energy on his only day on set. He played a small role of a character that interacts with Gabor and Matt in a crucial scene. Things keep coming together nicely. Tomorrow the cast and crew take the day off to relax and we start up again on Tuesday. Tuesday we shoot in the heart of Seattle. We’re so excited to see this wonderful place on film!!

Day 5 on Matt’s Chance

Today’s shoot consisted of a car scene with Matt’s character and a character introduced yesterday named Gabor. Gabor adds a new dynamic to Matt’s life and plays a major role in influencing Matt to try new things. We filmed outside all day today, some of us even got a little sunburnt! It was a shorter day though. The cast and crew have all been working very hard. It was nice to have a bit more of a relaxed day, although everyone did get a little crazy when Gary Busey made a surprise visit to set!

After today we will have finished 1/3 of the film. Things are going by fast and coming together nicely!!! The crew is excited for lots more action to come.

Day 4 on Matt’s Chance

Hop, hop, hop into action! Today Eddie Furlong was hanging out in a bunny suit and had the entire crew at Matt’s Chance hysterically laughing with his improvisation. He has been a pleasure to work with on set and maintains professionalism while still having a good time. The acting on set has been amazing to be able to watch. The set had kids, candy and organized chaos. It was a long day for everyone, but we still had a great time. Eddie and the rest of the cast and crew remained focused to the very end of a long day that ended with pizza and one last dolly shot…

Day Three of Matt’s Chance

Amen, Amen, Amen!!! Today Matt’s Chance filmed in a church at Bastyr University. Our gaffer Ryan and key grip Art were hard at work creating breathtaking lighting for the scenes we shot today with Edward Furlong and local actor /comedian Edi Zanidache as pastor Daddy David. We were able to capture the aura of the scene with the help of the crew and great acting. It was a long day for everyone on set. The scene alone could have made a beautiful little short, that I would watch over and over. I even talked to our editor Jacob, who had started to put together ruff cut’s of scenes we had already shot. He likes where the movie is going, and was happy to see the footage in real life after having read the script so many times.  Tomorrow has more surprises in store…… like a piñata…

Day Two

We are off to a great start and have set a great work ethic for the rest of filming on set at Matt’s Chance. Even though we are at the beginning of our scheduled filming, a few things have already come to an end. Lee Majors, one of our star actors in Matt’s Chance, wrapped today. Lee was a pleasure to work with on set. He brought such a positive light to the set and film (Hint: foreshadowing). We also wrapped our first location that we have shot at for the past two days, a heaven like barber shop in Seattle. It was a beautiful set and we are so thankful for letting the owners take over their business for a few days. I am also a little upset because I will no longer be able to sit in an oversized black leather barber’s chair during lunches, that have a lazy boy feel to them after running about on set. I may have to get a haircut at his place. Tomorrow we move on to a new location! Matt’s Chance here we go!

Day One…

Action!!! Set is in an organized chaos, people running in and out of location with black coffee and C-stands. The buzz in the air of the first day on Matt’s Chance has brought excitement to the cast, crew and community. Then we began our first takes, with everything going smooth for first day jitters. Everyone also discovered the Public transit in the area runs a tight ship, nothing like a public bus running over lines, or a blown fuse to keep your Gaffer on their toes. Despite the small difficulties together everyone on set made movie magic! I can not wait to see what tomorrow’s wings bring…

What is Matt’s Chance?

Making an audience laugh can be a difficult job, especially after meeting Matt, a dark and brooding mid-20s cowboy who has just witnessed the ultimate betrayal. After walking in on his girlfriend sleeping with another man, Matt begins spiraling downward in a quest for revenge bringing him face-to-face with the mafia, corrupt bankers, a trash-talking priest, and even God himself.

Matt’s Chance is a feature film by writer/director and President/CEO of Mirror Images Ltd., Nicholas Gyeney. In this dark comedy, Gyeney takes a unique approach to the art of filmmaking by finding the humor in one troubled man’s search for self. A mood of intensity is created by use of a neo-noir filming method producing vibrant colors and deep, dark shadows. Matt’s Chance is not only a comedy, but also an action-packed drama focused on everyday scenarios involving love, lust, crime, violence, religion, and spirituality.

The production team at Mirror Images is confident in its ability to create an extremely profitable film by combining talented actors with director Nicholas Gyeney’s creativity to bring audiences a fresh, exciting comedy that is Matt’s Chance. Filming begins March 20 in Seattle.