Day Two

We are off to a great start and have set a great work ethic for the rest of filming on set at Matt’s Chance. Even though we are at the beginning of our scheduled filming, a few things have already come to an end. Lee Majors, one of our star actors in Matt’s Chance, wrapped today. Lee was a pleasure to work with on set. He brought such a positive light to the set and film (Hint: foreshadowing). We also wrapped our first location that we have shot at for the past two days, a heaven like barber shop in Seattle. It was a beautiful set and we are so thankful for letting the owners take over their business for a few days. I am also a little upset because I will no longer be able to sit in an oversized black leather barber’s chair during lunches, that have a lazy boy feel to them after running about on set. I may have to get a haircut at his place. Tomorrow we move on to a new location! Matt’s Chance here we go!


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