Day Three of Matt’s Chance

Amen, Amen, Amen!!! Today Matt’s Chance filmed in a church at Bastyr University. Our gaffer Ryan and key grip Art were hard at work creating breathtaking lighting for the scenes we shot today with Edward Furlong and local actor /comedian Edi Zanidache as pastor Daddy David. We were able to capture the aura of the scene with the help of the crew and great acting. It was a long day for everyone on set. The scene alone could have made a beautiful little short, that I would watch over and over. I even talked to our editor Jacob, who had started to put together ruff cut’s of scenes we had already shot. He likes where the movie is going, and was happy to see the footage in real life after having read the script so many times.  Tomorrow has more surprises in store…… like a piñata…


2 responses to “Day Three of Matt’s Chance

  1. I’ll have to watch Ryan at work one of these days since lighting and DP is my main aspiration and he seems to be doing an amazing job.

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